Inspired By Who We Are

The Las Olas Company is one of the leading commercial real estate and hospitality companies in Fort Lauderdale with more than 200 employees.

In addition to owning and managing the Riverside Hotel, we lease a variety of office space and more than 50 locations of attractive retail space on Las Olas Boulevard, the most popular gathering place in Fort Lauderdale.

Inspired By What We Do

The Las Olas Company has been building, leasing, managing and marketing prime commercial, retail, hospitality, and food service properties on and around Las Olas Boulevard for more than 80 years. And as a major contributor of the Las Olas Boulevard Association, we support the community with annual events such as the Las Olas Art Fair, the Las Olas Wine and Food Festival, and Christmas on Las Olas.

Inspired By Where We Are

Las Olas Boulevard isn’t just any street. It’s the shopping, dining, hospitality, and entertainment center of Fort Lauderdale. It’s where business professionals, merchants, restaurateurs, residents, and tourists are inspired to enjoy the Las Olas lifestyle — and where The Las Olas Company is immersed in its history, culture, and commercial success. Yesterday. Today. And tomorrow.