Historic Growth

Las Olas, and several areas within Fort Lauderdale, are in the midst of historic growth. Multiple public and private development projects are underway and planned for the city—a city that is experiencing an urban revival. As national trends indicate a rebirth in urban living, downtown Fort Lauderdale is poised to experience a significant increase in its residential population, which will continue to help feed into the live-work-play renaissance occurring throughout America.

Parallels can be drawn to downtown Miami/Brickell area where a condominium and multi-use building spree is bringing thousands of renters, owners and merchants to this banking-office-residential center. As the influx of residents increases, stores, restaurants and nightlife have blossomed, and today’s downtown Miami is drastically different than it was for the past several decades. Within Fort Lauderdale, not only will new multi-family development transform the central business district, it will also provide further barriers to entry as prime sites become increasingly scarce.