The Las Olas Company takes great pride in its role in Fort Lauderdale’s past, present and future. The company’s leadership, always considerate of the needs of its tenants and the Las Olas community at large, has kept this in mind as they have continued to develop and improve Las Olas Boulevard.

This extends not only to the residents and tourists who shop, dine, stay and entertain themselves on Las Olas Boulevard, but to the quality and variety of the merchants and businesses who earn their livelihoods here. As such, The Las Olas Company sees itself as “The Stewards of Las Olas Boulevard,” always striving to preserve its charm and character. Always keeping an eye to the future as they honor and cherish the past.

Today, the Wells family is still deeply involved in the leadership of The Las Olas Company. The values we established over 80 years ago have served our company well and will continue to guide our growth and success in the future.

Mike Weymouth

As the fourth generation of the family-run company that is responsible for building and preserving Las Olas Boulevard, I strive to continue the legacy of the previous family members whose vision was to make the Las Olas Experience something truly unique and enduring. To me, the role of the Las Olas Company is to guide the growth and success of Las Olas Boulevard, while honoring the charm, character and history that is so much a part of its heritage.

Pam Zirkle
Vice President of Real Estate

The Las Olas Company sits at the intersection of hospitality, shopping, dining, and entertainment in Fort Lauderdale. My role is to attract the kinds of tenants, restaurateurs, and merchants who share this vision. To earn their trust. To inspire their cooperation. To work hand in hand with the Las Olas Boulevard Association in supporting the community and making Las Olas Boulevard the premier destination for fashion, food and fun.

Diane D'Angelo
EVP, Chief Financial Officer

While my primary responsibility is to maintain the fiscal soundness of the Las Olas Company, I also feel it’s important to make this a company where our associates feel like they are part of one, big, happy family. I know it may sound trite, but the best way to make Las Olas Boulevard and the Riverside Hotel thrive and prosper is to acknowledge the role that our associates play in making that happen, every day.

Heiko Dobrikow
EVP, GM of Riverside Hotel

Making the Riverside Hotel one of the leading hospitality destinations in Fort Lauderdale is my primary goal, and along the way, offering a level of luxury, service and culinary excellence that inspires the property’s history as one of the most prominent hotels in Fort Lauderdale. From catering and meeting rooms, to guest suites and restaurants, I’m proud to offer our guests and visitors something truly memorable.